What is Visuino?

Visuino is the latest innovative software from Mitov Software. A visual programming environment allowing you to program your Arduino boards. It currently supports the official Arduino boards, Teensy, Femto IO, ESP8266, ESP32, Controllino, Goldilocks Analogue, FreeSoC2, chipKIT, micro:bit, Maple Mini, and number of Arduino clones, however it is not restricted to their support alone and requests to support new hardware are welcome.

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What's new?

  • Improved Encode Date Time component
    Improved Software Serial component
    Redesigned GPS component to use up to 90% less memory, and to work better with Software Serial
    Improved Maxim LED Display graphics
  • A numbed of Visuino IDE improvements

Updated version of the User Code Component is included in Visuino Pro available in the G+ Community:



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